The NBME examination programme information

What is NBME?

What are the NBME exams?

The Medical University of Lodz offers our international and Polish students and graduates subject and comprehensive NBME exams. 

Centre for Medical Education is responsible for the cooperation between  MUL and NBME including scheduling, organising and supervising the exams as well as for the analysis and distribution of the assessment results.

You can download and read  the content outline and sample items brochure:

Schedule of  NBME exams at MUL

Check the official English Studies MUL site for the schedule of NBME Subject and CBS exams as well as for decisions regarding the grading and the final-or-self-assessment status of the exam.

Do not address queries regarding the above issues to CMedEd or to the ECP, please.

The following text contains links to particular sub-sections of the NBME internet site. You are advised to visit the main site for more information.

How to compare the CBS score to the USMLE 1 passing score?

1. check your CBS score and use the conversion table from your score report to convert it to the approximate USMLE 1 equivalent,

2. check the Scores & Transcripts section on the USMLE site for the current USMLE 1 passing score,

3. compare your approximate USMLE 1 equivalent score to the current USMLE 1 passing score.


Students should strcictly follow the security-related regulations, avoiding any irregular behaviours and remembering about the PERSONAL BELONGINGS NOT ALLOWED IN THE TESTING ROOM.

All international students are instructed in detail about the examination policy during the obligatory meeting before joining the NBME subject-exams programme. 

If you need any additional info, contact the CP or the ECP.

Remember that the regulation not only states that you need to turn-off mobile phones and any other communication or recording devices during any exams but that first of all that YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE ANY MOBILE PHONES OR COMMUNICATION AND RECORDING DEVICES WITH YOU. The above regulation applies to all exams at our University as well.


Beyond the USMLE and NBME services, there are a variety of commercial test preparation materials and courses that claim to prepare examinees for USMLE examinations. Examinees who are considering using such services should fully understand the nature of these services, the sources of any content being used, and the basis for any claims being made. None of these third-party materials or courses are affiliated with or sanctioned by the USMLE program and information on such materials and courses is not available from the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), NBME, USMLE Secretariat, or medical licensing authorities.
Please note that it is unlawful for any test preparation program or any individual to use, disclose, distribute, or provide access to questions or answers from actual USMLE exams. An examinee who is involved with any enterprise that disseminates USMLE content should be aware of the consequences, which include the possible cancellation of USMLE registration and/or testing, the withholding or cancellation of scores, and the imposition of additional sanctions.

Special testing accommodations


Contact the Executive Chief Proctor (ECP) in advance if you need any special testing accommodations.

Location of the exams / PROMETRIC CENTER EXAMS

Regular, obligatory end-of-the course NBME exams are organised at the University facilities (usually at the Didactic Centre at Pomorska St.)

If this is required due to special circumstances, our students and graduates can take certain NBME exams (clinical, CBS and CCS but not basic sciences) at Prometric Centres around the world. 

The University does not cover the costs of the Prometric Center-based exams.

Please note, that Prometric Centres exams can be ordered after the University receives the payment for the exam and at least 1 month (30 days)  before the examination date suggested. 

Students requesting such an exam should suggest the 7 day long window starting at least 1 month after the University receives the fee and 1 month from the day they choose the window.

 The fees for the exams are listed at the NBME site and have to be  increased by the VAT tax, obligatory in the EU.


1. Contact the Chief Proctor Ms. Natalia Gajek for detailed instructions.

2. Obtain the permission from the Dean.

3. Transfer the examination fee to the University account early enough to assure that the transfer is complete at least a month before the exam.

4. Choose the 7 day window for your exam (e.g. 17-23 July 2017), examinees can't choose a particular day for the exam at this moment.

5. Don't suggest a particular Prometric Center at this moment!

6. Upon ordering your exam you will receive the registration e-mail allowing you to choose the particular day and the Prometric Center. 

Additional- voluntary NBME exams for students and graduates

Both students and graduates can request the school to order administered locally or at Prometric Centres additional NBME exams (other than the obligatory, end-of-the course exams listed by the Dean’s Office). Students requesting additional exams should contact Chief Proctor Ms. Michalina Zielinska regarding the payment and setting the date for the exam. 


NBME exams at the Medical University of Lodz are based on computers provided by the school.

You don't need to bring your own laptos for the exam.

1. NBME registration (one-time only!)

The following information does NOT apply to students who previously registered for any NBME web-based exam at our University.

Before you take an NBME web-based exam, certain identification and biographic information is required. Click on the URL below to access the NBME pre-registration system, read and agree to the privacy policy, then enter the required information.

You should register not later than 10 days before the examination day.


Failure to register will result in financial obligations related to the costs of the cancelled exam and re-examination. 

You will NOT be reminded to register so the best idea is to do it TODAY.

It takes less than 5 minutes.

For the "Class Level" field choose your current year of studies. Choose "8+" if you are a graduate.
For the "Program Type" field choose "MD/PhD" if you are a student of the Division of Studies in English Language or "Other" if you are an Erasmus or Polish MD student.

2. Use your PC or laptop to visit the following link and to learn how to use the examination software

This will significantly decrease unnecessary stress during the exam!

Follow the steps:

  • Download the secure browser
  • Launch the secure browser
  • Choose the Prior to Test Day option
  • Launch the sample exam


Exectutive Chief Proctor
Dr. Janusz Janczukowicz

Chief Proctor
Ms. Natalia Gajek

Contact ECP:
•security issues
•special testing accommodations
•self-assessment tests
•problems unsolved with CP

Contact CP:
•examination results
•individual performance profiles
•regulations regarding CBS passing scores
•consequences of failing CBS
•list of obligatory NBME exams
•dates of exams
•individual (additional) testing requests

Polish students interested in NBME exams should individually contact the ECP.

 Visit for more information on NBME activities and programmes.