EBMA European Knowledge Test 

Centre for Medical Education in cooperation with the European Board of Medical Assessors is supervising implementation of the European Knowledge Test (EKT) 
at the Medical University of Lodz.

EKT is a voluntary self-assessment exam relevant to the transition between being a student and a new doctor.
It is a great assessment tool for those who plan to practice abroad and want to compare their knowledge to the European standards and requirements.

EKT is a strictly self-assessment tool; the test results remain confidential and the university will not use it for any purpose related to students’ formal assessment and evaluation.

EKT is suitable both for the graduation year and pre-graduation year students.

Examinees will receive informative feedback after the test. It will help them with evaluation of their further learning needs. They will get detailed feedback in a clear and understandable way. By taking the test, they will get to know in which specific areas in medical knowledge they have gaps and have to focus on in their further study. They can also use this information for their portfolio and it can be an addition to their CV if they have done well.

EKT participation during the academic year 2013/2014 is free. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Centre for Medical Education – med-edu@umed.lodz.pl

Visit www.ebma.eu.com to read more about the European Board of Medical Assessors.