Dear Professionalism Course Student

We invite you to participate in a survey based on work of P. McIntosh modified by specialists from the Free University in Amsterdam and adjusted to the undergraduate students needs by our department.


Very often, we talk about how people are disadvantaged (discriminated) due to their individual characteristics, including their ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation or financial status. At the same time, we often forget and do not realise how people who belong to the majority are advantaged and have invisible privileges based on their status, gender, race, and in the other ways as well.

This activity is designed to give you an opportunity to reflect on your own situation, both your problems related to belonging to a particular population  and your power and privilege that you might have never  identified  before.

Majority of us experience privilege in certain ways but simultaneously experience oppression or discrimination in other ways. For example, a person may not experience sexism, but could experience racism or ableism (discrimination against disability). Or, a person may be privileged due to the skin colour but discriminated against religion or gender.

  • On the following pages you will be asked to answer 28 questions and comment on your answers. We expect your comments not only in case you feel discriminated but also if you feel privileged.
  • Please note that this survey applies to your all-life experience. Feel free to indicate in comments if your answer applies to some particular time of your life (e.g. your stay in Poland or in previous locations).
  • This survey is absolutely anonymous, we will only ask you about your ethnicity and gender but you may decline to answer these questions.
  • Finally, we would be very happy if you would also like to talk to us in person to let us understand better your thoughts.

So now, let’s start the activity!

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