What is the BEME Collaboration?

The Best Evidence Medical Education (BEME) Collaboration is an international group of individuals, universities and professional organisations 
committed to the development of evidence informed education in the medical and health professions through:

  •  the dissemination of information which allows teachers and stakeholders in the medical and health professions to make decisions on the basis of the best evidence available,
  •  the production of systematic reviews which present the best available evidence and meet the needs of the user,
  •  the creation of a culture of best evidence education amongst individuals, institutions and national bodies.

What are the BICCs?

BEME International Collaborating Centres (BICCs) are responsible for progressing the ongoing work of the BEME Collaboration and planning for its further development through the work of their centre. 

BICCs are responsibile for:

  • production of systematic reviews and providing support for systematic review groups,
  • support for teachers and other stakeholders in adopting an evidence-informed approach to their teaching practice.

Contact us:
    • if you would like to start working on a new systematic review related to medical education,
    • if you need introductory resources on secondary research,
    • if you need guidance on how to plan and register a new systematic review,
    • if you would like our BICC to be your supporting centre during the production of a systematic review,
    • if you need evidence based resources on medical education,
    • if you need advice and support in the knowledge-to-action translation of evidence based resources. 

The Lodz BICC special areas of expertise are:
    • teaching, learning and assessing medical professionalism,
    • social competence in medicine,
    • cultural and gender diversity and inclusiveness,
    • international medical education.


 AMEE            www.medicalteacher.org

Visit the BEME Collaboration site for more information on the mission, structure, activities and available resources. 
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